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Parking tickets, parking tickets, parking tickets...

Everybody in San Francisco hates parking tickets.
Where can you park your car and not get a ticket?
Find out by browsing this street-cleaning map below.


The city of San Francisco has a great number of street cleaning routes and schedules that are really hard to keep track of. There usually are signs on the side of the streets showing when the sweeper is going to come, but residents still may get confused and receive expensive parking citations. To help avoid unnecessary parking tickets is providing information tools, such as maps and mobile apps, for public to display street sweeping schedules.

The cleaning operations are performed by the Department of Public Works. Most of the residential streets are cleaned once a week. If you notice that your street is really dirty, you can call 311 and request a cleaning. And if you believe that the problem is recurring, call up DPW at 311 and they will provide you with details on how to get the service to be regular. It is DPW`s policy that if there`s human liquid or solid waste on a street or a sidewalk, they will perform the street cleaning.

The majority of parking tickets are street cleaning related and are entirely avoidable. The trouble is remembering when to move your car.

Look up the street cleaning schedule in advance.


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